Margaret McDonald

Quilt Designer

Welcome, I am so glad that you have found my quilt website.

In these pages, you will find a selection of my work from over thirty years. I design and create quilts that I love to make. How do I describe the quilts that you will find here? I love traditional patterns and block designs, but I also love to explore my own patterns and more contemporary quilts. After I had been appliquéing, patchworking and quilting for about twenty years, I finally realised that the geometry of repeat patterns with a strong graphic design was what most appealed to my design ‘eye’.

Margaret McDonald - Quilt Designer

Those elements of applique, patchwork and quilting are distinctly different processes which means my practice is full of diversity. But if I had to choose, the piecing of blocks is what I enjoy the most.

I have dabbled in so many different aspects of quilt making and if the guilds of the Middle Ages still existed, I think that I might have finally served my apprenticeship.

The most defining feature of my practice is the use of colour in every hue, shade, and tone. I love to play with the movement of colour across the quilt surface and like to explore with concentrated colour in fabrics, and always I am very ready to play. A whole quilt may be created just to find how two or three colours work together.

One of the most favourite parts of my work has been the opportunity to teach my designs and publish patterns. Of course, there has been lots less teaching over the last couple of years.

It has been so rewarding to see some of my quilts hanging in exhibitions both near and far and to have patterns/quilts published in magazines and books over many years. Many other are gifted or remain stacked up at home.

I welcome your feedback on my work, so please contact me if I can explain anything about my work.