Making the scrappy stars … my method

Hope that this finds you well, full of quilt inspiration and time to sew. Today is time for a catch up and share my method for the scrappy stars.

Do you ever get distracted by fabrics or ideas? That has been me for the last couple of weeks.

Finally, here is my method for the Scrappy stars quilt.


There are lots of options, choose your preferred or what you have on hand:

  1. Paper – if you can find paper that is a little lighter than standard copy paper (80gsm) it will tear away easier.
  2. Tear-away is a bonded polyester used lots by machine embroiderers and it simply tears away when stitching is completed. I use this often in my work but not in this quilt.
  3. Light weight wovens eg cotton lawn or washed cottons that will give you a base that will not remove scrand could be used throughout the top to give you a coverlet style finish complete with a light weight batting.
  4. Wash-away – this is a product that simply washes away once it is immersed in water and also used lots by machine embroiderers. This is done when the stitching is completed. I used one that is available in Australia – Matilda’s Own Aqua Web soluble stabiliser.

There are lots of different products in this category with most manufacturers having a similar material.

Diamond template for 15-inch block (finished)

To make one of your own you will need a 45-degree diamond to give you the 8-pointed star pattern.

Check your Perspex templates in your sewing room, as you may have a Perspex template that might be suitable.

Alternately, if you have EQ8 simply find an 8-pointed star pattern and print the diamond to a finished block size of 15inches.

I simply prepared a templastic diamond – without seam allowances.


If you are like me, you will have lots of scraps! I do not sort them too much. I like to keep things random, but I do make sure that I have some contrasts (lights) to add variety …. most of my scraps seem to be medium to dark.

You may need to press fabrics to make it easier before you begin.

For a diamond of this size, I will prepare strips that are of differing widths between 1 ½ – 3 inches and the length can vary from 2 – 6 inches.  The smaller pieces are easier to stitch as you chain piece the strips onto the foundation.


I always use a DRY IRON when pressing – and ESPECIALLY with the wash away that will shrink due to any steam ie water!


  1. How many diamonds?
    • My scrappy stars needed 9 stars x 8 diamonds = 56 diamonds, add a few extras to play or discard if your colours don’t work
    • Work out the number of stars you have planned for your quilt.
  2. Cut out the number of foundation diamonds that you need using your template without seam allowances.
  3. Stitch as shown in the photos below, pressing after each seam.

Sewing sequence

  1. Strips of fabric are always right sides together, make sure you stitch about ½ inch both sides of the foundation.

2.  Press gently (NO STEAM)

3. Next fabric- angle the strip so that the pink fabric is slightly wedge shaped as you sew the blue spot fabric, trim seam allowance

4. Press

5. Continue adding strips using the stitch and press method until the foundation is covered.

6. Accuracy – with the template draw the diamond, this helps me to make sure that I am accurate for stitching the diamonds together

7. Trim the diamond – using ruler and cutting ¼ inch outside of the drawn line ie the seam allowance

Make as many as you require for your pattern – my quilt needed 56 – but I always make some spares.

Enjoy and trust this is helpful to you.