A traditional pattern that reminds me of mosaic pavements and is a quilt from my puzzling series. The defining features of this series is the use of a few different blocks to create an interwoven diagonal and horizontal design. The assembly is straightforward as in the pattern I have broken down the construction into simple sections within the design to create the design. The cutting preparation is completed with a combination of rotary cutting without templates and cutting using templates.

This has been one of my most popular patterns, so I am sure that you too will enjoy creating your own version



If you are a beginner, the foundation technique is very useful to have in your repertoire. The pattern includes full details in photographs to step you through the foundation technique.

There are a number of different foundation techniques, and this one uses paper, other possibilities are discussed in the pattern.

This is basically a strippy quilt pattern in a small scale, reflecting the Tree Everlasting pattern found in vintage quilts. I often use these strips as beginner’s and enders when I am chain piecing pieces together. The pattern for foundation piecing is 1 x 10 inches (2.5 x 25.5com) and you can sew multiples and join to whatever length you require.

Everlasting is constructed from 6 strips of piecing (cheddar and green) separated by alternating cheddar and green strips. The quilt is then simply completed with a narrow border that frames the design. Alternately, I encourage you to design your own border treatment.


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