Wrought (and Banksia)

Wrought (and Banksia)


I have always been intrigued by shapes and this quilt is one in my ‘spiral’ series. Inspired by photographs that I have taken everywhere of wrought iron fences, and this began from one small shape in a fence. At the same time, I had been collecting grey fabrics for ages, not really knowing the purpose, combined with my love of the colour yellow – Wrought is the result!

Never underestimate the need for the third colour in the reproduction double pink, without it the quilt surface would not have been as interesting.

The edge of every spiral is finished with a very fine machine zigzag on the raw edge. Although there are lots of the spirals, I find that after the first 20 or so the machining sets in my memory and I find that the process becomes my meditation for the day, and I enjoy the time.

Banksia is a smaller version, the same size blocks just fewer and a different layout and gentle colours.



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